Daily Readings

Reflect on the health of your rhythms of prayer.

Use anxious moments as prayer opportunities.

Confidently bless people through mealtime prayers.

Use others’ highs and lows as prayer opportunities.

Day 5

Luke 6:27-28

Pray for God’s best for those who mistreat you.

Prayer + Meditation

Read Matthew 7:7-11. Use these questions to help you consider the spiritual rhythm of prayer this week, individually and with others. 

• How would you describe your rhythm of prayer in the last six months?

• How would you summarize Jesus’ main point in this passage?

• What is the significance of the different words Jesus uses for prayer and the promise He makes about prayer?

• How does prayer reveal what the heart believes about God in this passage? What do your prayers reveal about what your heart believes about God?

• What would it look like for you to take another step in talking with your good God about His good purpose and provision in your life?